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"Outstanding Teachers" TV Programmes
Eight episodes of Teachers' TV programmes have been jointly produced by the Education Bureau and RTHK to showcase the awarded teaching practices of the Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2015/2016) and (2016/2017). Awarded teaching practices introduced in the programmes cover Curriculum Leadership, Arts Education Key Learning Area (KLA), Science Education KLA, Mathematics Education KLA, Special Educational Needs, and Guidance and Discipline. A 5-minute version and a 22-minute version have been produced for each episode.
Both versions in Chinese have been broadcast on RTHK 31 and can be viewed via the following link:
From 26 April 2019, the 22-minute English version is broadcast on RTHK 31 at 5:30 pm every Friday and can be viewed via the following link after broadcast:
The 5-minute English version will be broadcast on RTHK 31 at 5:55 pm every Tuesday from 10 September 2019.


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