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Award Presentation Ceremony of Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence (2017/2018) will be held on 6 July 2018


Showcase of the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence 2017
Powerpoint for Plenary Forum "Exploring STEM Education from the Perspective of Science Education — Practice and Reflection"


Updated Programme Rundown of the Showcase of the Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence 2017
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CEATE (2017/2018)



The Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence [CEATE] is organised by the Education Bureau with funding support from the Quality Education Fund. The first CEATE was organised in 2003/2004.

Aims of CEATE

To recognise accomplished teachers who demonstrate exemplary teaching practices;
To enhance the professional image and the social status of teachers, thereby gaining society’s recognition of the teaching profession and fostering a culture of respect for teachers;
To pool together accomplished teachers through the CEATE Teachers Association to facilitate sharing of good practices; and
To foster a culture of excellence in the teaching profession.

CEATE (2017/2018)

The current CEATE (2017/2018) is open to teachers of Kindergarten Education, Physical Education Key Learning Area and Technology Education Key Learning Area.  CEATE 2017/2018 Poster
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